What's New?

Over the past few days this site has had a major overhaul. More free time has enabled me to crisp this site up and make it more appealing to you the visitor. The idea being that this new format makes it easier to navigate around the site. The newest section is the Motorcycle Specifications section which I hope you find interesting and useful.

Enjoy the site !

Ben Cope - webmaster




Why the pop up ads ?
I am a member of Tripod and they are a part of free web hosting. When I get my .co.uk address they will vanish !

I have visited much larger sites for biking links why?
This is because i have selected sites that i think will be of relevance to you. This site is an amateur venture and as such i do not have much time to spend on it so the links added are ones which i think represent motorcycling well. I personally think that this site shows up even the best professional sites

You call it BSUK but some links go to other countries?
It is essentially a UK based site with mostly UK links but a few decent foreign sites are added

How often is it updated?
Minor re-shapes happen about once weekly. Major re-hauls are done once monthly. In general new links are always being looked for and added and new features are constantly appearing at this site

Why did you make a Motorcycle links site when there is no money in it?
I never have figured that one out !

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