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More focused cleaning
 The next step is to wash the bike down with nothing more than a garden hose, avoiding unnecessary water on electrical areas such as the clocks.
Take the second sponge (which should be cleaner than the first) and apply a small measure of shampoo to it, this effectively makes it more concentrated than pouring it into the bucket. This is where some elbow grease is needed!

Always clean from the top of the bike downwards i.e. tank to wheels, this way you avoid the transferal of dirt and you do not clean the same area twice. A good tip is to only work on one area at a time, once you are happy with it then move on.

As you are busy cleaning make sure that you regularly douse the area with water to keep it wet and remove dirt. Work over the whole tank and fairing with one sponge and revert to the first sponge to clean the wheels and swingarm. When finished wash the bike free of any soapy residue.

Take your chamois leather and go for it ! No seriously, the "chammy" is used to dry the bike without leaving water marks. Work in a circular motion over all of the surfaces, keep wringing it out as when it is wet it loses effectiveness.

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