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Foggy at Brands ??

No, well not in the way that we all hoped that he would be. Yes he will be there. Foggy will be doing a 3 lap parade at Brands Hatch to keep the fans happy. It is good to see that Carl is back on course after his horrific crash at Phillip Island. We all wait now fingers crossed that he will return next season.

Gatsos could be useless

If a new Scottish court ruling is upheld, the UK's mass of of Gatso cameras could become nothing but pointless eyesores (some would argue they are already).

Scottish judge Lord Roger ruled that section 172 of the Road Traffic Act- which makes it a crime for drivers to deny knowledge of who was driving / riding their vehicle at the time of a Gatso offence - is in fact completely illegal.
This has come to the surface as it contravenes the right to avoid self-incrimination that we all have under the European Convention on Human Rights. The convention has recently become part of Scottish law, and is due to apply in England and Wales from October of this year.

Permission to appeal against the ruling has been granted by Scotland's Justice General although no date has yet been given. If the appeal against the Scottish ruling is unsuccessful, then come October there will be a big loophole in the Gatso net, nationally.
So all you would have to do is say that you did not know who was on your bike at that time and that would have to stand up in court. There may be a God after all.




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